Thursday, May 27, 2010

Installing OS in VMware and accessing from VM Client


Download VMware vsphere client and install on windows machine. You may get error with .NET framework upgrade it 2.0 will resolve the issue.


Connect to ESX4.0 server using browse it will have a link to download VMware Vsphere client, download and install it.

Now Open the VMsphere client provide server IP and user/password credentials.

Install new OS in VMware:-

Now VMware VMsphere client will open. Page looks like

Right click on IP as shown in image and select “new virtual machine”.

Now click on next button. If any specific system require are preset then choose “custom”. I choose “Typical” and then next.

Now provide name for image. Here “centos_second” name was chosen.

Now simply click on next button.

Here select the type of OS is going to be installed. Centos is comes under linux and the version dropdown selected as “Other Linux (32-bit).

Virtual disk size should provide how much space required OS and workspace. Click on next .

Now select the “Edit the…” check box and click on continue.

Select the New CD/DVD (adding) from left panel. On right side select one of the options for device type.

Client device:- If Installation source DVD is at client machines drive , select client machine .

Host device:- If Installation source DVD is at servers drive, select “Host Device” automatically gets the location.

Datastore ISO:- Select the location of ISO image location in sever.

Click on finish button.

Now in the left panel, there will be VM image point for Centos with name what earlier provided.

See the below screenshot,

Right click on the point created with name specified earlier and move mouse over the power option and select power on option.

Now status of the operation will show at the bottom panel (Not shown in screenshot).

Again right click on the CENTOS_51 and select “Open console” to open terminal.

In terminal see the booting operation, if booting sequence is not in the order that you specified where source of installation (image) then change the boot sequence.

To change boot sequence click alt+ctrl+insert to reboot the machine and press “f2” or correspond key to enter in to boot sequence and change the boot sequence, save and exit.

Now system boot from DVD or image. From her onwards road will be clear as simple as normal installation. After installation normal GUI comes and do your operation. Do power off from right option where we use to power on the OS.

If already one instance is installed with centos_1 and need to install same OS with same configuration say centos_2.

Now the procedure is:- Assumed that centos_1 is installed and working fine. Now create instance with centos_2 from “New Virtual Machine” option after finished this. Installing OS from CD or DVD.

SSH to VMware server and go to source directory where all vmdk files will be stored file will be centos_1/centos_1-flat.vmdk and size will be same as size mentioned while installing copy this file into centos_2/ this directory and rename to centos_2-flat.vmdk.

Now from client power on the centos_2 it will straightaway works.

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